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Rate ‘Em – Cobra RADSPEED Driver Review

What they say…

“The KING RADSPEED family of metals utilizes RADIAL WEIGHTING Technology to deliver the perfect balance of ultra low spin, radical ball speed and extreme forgiveness. Your choice of two RAD colors provides the ultimate personalized looks and performance.

Radial Weighting is the strategic placement of weight relative to the CG to optimize speed, forgiveness, and flight direction. By increasing the distance between the front and back weights, we’ve created RADIAL (RAD) weighting to unlock faster ball speed with high forgiveness.

Three distinct models utilize a strategic balance of forward, back and heel-biased RADIAL weighting to create the ideal combination of low spin, fast ball speed, and forgiveness in each model. Whether you’re looking for extreme speed, extreme forgiveness, or draw-bias, the RADSPEED family of drivers has the perfect option for you.”

What we say…

Three models. Multiple colours. Lots to choose from! Cobra has made some good drivers over the years. While we don’t want to declare this as the best Cobra driver ever, it’s pretty close.

Cobra Radspeed Driver Review

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