Snake, Sand, and Slytherin: Unconventional Golf Challenges

Golfers face a unique challenge involving a snake and a tricky putt. How will they approach it?

When faced with a tricky putt on a golf course, golfers often have to contend with various obstacles. But what if the obstacle is a snake lurking near the hole? Reddit users shared their hilarious and creative approaches to tackling this unconventional challenge.


  • Golfers devise humorous strategies, including using the snake as a putter and referencing Voldemort.
  • Some suggest playing it safe and cautious, while others take a more adventurous approach.
  • Strategies range from ignoring the snake to incorporating it into the game.

Challenging the Norm

Reddit user ‘whofarting’ humorously questions whether the concern is the snake or the on-green bunkers, setting the tone for a lighthearted discussion. Another user, ‘Bwhitt1,’ confidently declares the putt a ‘gimmie,’ showcasing a carefree attitude towards the challenge.

Innovative Approaches

‘VetCAN101’ suggests using the snake as a putter, blending creativity with a touch of humor. Conversely, ‘canuck_11’ opts for a cautious approach, highlighting the importance of mindfulness in unusual situations.

Fantastical Solutions

References to pop culture emerge as ‘drebots’ humorously mentions a ‘Voldemort style’ approach, adding a magical twist to the scenario. User ‘maggos’ brings in superhero imagery by asking if the ball is wearing a cape, injecting entertainment into the discussion.

Ultimately, golfers face challenges that test their creativity and adaptability on the course, even when confronted with unexpected obstacles like a curious snake. The diverse responses on Reddit showcase the community’s ability to find humor and innovation in the face of adversity, making every golfing experience truly unique and memorable.