Smooth Swing or Big Mistake? Golf Tips for Beginners

A golfer seeks advice on Reddit after hitting irons consistently for 4 months, inviting critiques and tips for improvement.

A golf enthusiast seeks advice from Reddit users after experiencing improvements in iron shots, eager to refine skills and avoid developing bad habits early.


  • Users praise the golfer’s smooth swing tempo and progress.
  • Recommended getting professional lessons to fine-tune the swing.
  • Encouragement on maintaining the current momentum and avoiding rush.
  • Contrasting opinions on seeking lessons versus relying on Reddit advice.

Positive Reinforcement

The majority of comments embrace the golfer’s progress, endorsing the smooth swing and advising to continue working on the current form. Users commend the tempo and potential for significant improvement with just a few lessons, recognizing the natural ability displayed.

Lesson Suggestions

Several users suggest enrolling in lessons to refine the technique and prevent the development of detrimental habits. They highlight the importance of professional guidance for long-term success in golf, emphasizing the value of expert instruction in enhancing the existing skills.

Varied Perspectives

While most feedback is positive and constructive, some users caution against depending solely on Reddit advice, advocating for formal lessons to maximize the player’s potential. The debate between self-improvement and seeking professional help adds depth to the discussion, reflecting diverse opinions within the community.