Sirr Bible Commits to San José State: All About Name or Game?

Sirr Bible commits to San José State, stirring mixed reactions in the Reddit community.

Fans react to the commitment of Sirr Bible to San José State.


  • Fans intrigued by Sirr Bible’s name, predicting fame or shame.
  • Speculation on the impact of Sirr Bible on the field.
  • Humor and sarcasm fill the comments on this recruiting news.

Reactions to Sirr Bible

Fans are split on Sirr Bible’s commitment, with some focusing on his name rather than his skills. Comments range from humor to skepticism.

The Impact of Sirr Bible

While some see Sirr Bible as a potential star player, others question his abilities. The debate continues on whether his name will overshadow his performance.

Humor and Sarcasm

Reddit users showcase their wit through clever quips and jokes, turning a recruiting announcement into a comedy show.