Should You Play Golf with Randoms? Pros and Cons Revealed!

Playing with randoms can lead to unexpected friendships or frustrating experiences. What’s the deal with golfing with strangers? Let’s dive in!

I was listening to the Rick Shiels podcast and the topic of getting paired with randoms came up. Rick and Guy debated the issue, sparking diverse opinions among golfers. Is playing with randoms a hit or miss in the golfing community?


  • Some golfers view playing with randoms as an opportunity to meet new friends on the course.
  • Others find the idea uncomfortable, preferring to golf with familiar faces for a more relaxed experience.
  • Booking all slots on the tee sheet for fewer players can be a contentious issue among golfers.

Positives of Golfing with Randoms

Many players have found unexpected friendships and enjoyable rounds when paired with strangers. Golf becomes a social avenue beyond the game itself, fostering connections that may last beyond the round.

Negatives of Golfing with Randoms

On the flip side, some golfers have encountered unpleasant experiences, from slow players to individuals with unsuitable behavior. These interactions can detract from the overall enjoyment of the game.

The Friendship Factor

For some, like Photog_72 on Reddit, sharing a round with randoms led to long-term friendships, adding a new dynamic to their golfing experience. What starts as a chance grouping can evolve into lasting camaraderie, enriching the sport beyond the fairways.