Should Officials Be Allowed to Referee Games Involving Rivals?

Find out if it’s fair for officials to be banned from games involving rivals.

Discover the controversy surrounding officials’ involvement in games with relegation rivals and if it’s fair game.


  • Officials have restrictions on games involving direct rivals due to allegiances.
  • Forest informed in advance, leading to conflicting opinions on fairness.
  • Debate on biases and outcomes in potential referee scenarios.
  • Perception of favoritism and corruption within the PGMOL.

Fellow Fans and Fuss

AutoModerator shares friendly reminders while fans express mixed reactions to officials’ bans.

Conflicting Views

Fans debate Forest’s prior knowledge and acceptance of referee assignments.

Bias and Fair Play

Discussions delve into biases, preferences, and ethical concerns in referee decisions.

Corruption Claims

Opinions range from frustration to accusations of incompetence and corruption within the PGMOL.

Should officials be unbiased or does personal allegiance affect fair play?