Should I Move Up in Pickleball? Advice for Transitioning to Higher Competition

A pickleball player wonders if their success at a higher level warrants moving up and getting verified. See what fellow players advise!

Since January, I’ve been dedicated to improving my pickle game, playing consistently at 3.5 courts six days a week. Recently, I decided to test my skills at the 4.0 courts, where ID verification is required during peak hours. Surprisingly, I won 5 out of 8 games over the weekend without needing verification. Now I’m wondering if my success at the 4.0 level indicates that I should consider moving up and getting verified. Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated! “These_Row6066” finds ID verification odd, “rboller” humorously warns against drinking from the 4.5 water fountain, while “jfit2331” encourages moving up for better competition. “superbloodwulfmoon” suggests testing consistency, and “penkowsky” questions the game format. “betterman4u” advises on practice, and “Tornadofob” ponders pickleball certification. With humor, “piglizard” jokingly mentions tennis.