Should G5 Schools Create Their Own Playoff? Expert Insights Revealed

Discussions on whether non-P4 schools should have their playoff ignite intense debates among fans. Discover what experts and fans say!

A debate rages in the world of college football about whether non-Power 4 schools should create their own playoff system. The discussion has sparked intense opinions and arguments among fans and experts alike, with some advocating for a separate G5 playoff and others dismissing the idea.


  • G5 programs hesitate due to desire for a playoff spot in the existing system.
  • TV networks unlikely to invest in televising a G5 playoff, limiting revenue potential.
  • Strong sentiment against self-relegation from FBS to G5 status.
  • Debate on whether G5 schools can achieve sustained success in a modified playoff format.

Should G5 Schools Pursue Their Own Playoff?

The conversation revolves around the feasibility and desirability of G5 schools branching off to create their playoff system. While some fans express enthusiasm for the idea, a significant portion remains skeptical. Arguments against a separate G5 playoff point to the challenges and limitations that such a system would face.

The Role of TV Networks

A crucial aspect to consider is the stance that TV networks would take regarding a G5 playoff. The financial viability of any new playoff system heavily relies on broadcasting rights and viewership numbers. Without substantial TV deals, a G5 playoff could struggle to generate revenue and sustain itself over time.

Perception of Lower-Tier Conferences

The debate also touches upon the perception of G5 conferences compared to their Power 5 counterparts. Some fans argue that G5 schools should not self-relegate and that remaining in the FBS is crucial for their visibility and competitiveness. This perspective underscores the complexities involved in reshaping the college football landscape.

The ongoing dialogue highlights the passion and diverging viewpoints within the college football community regarding the potential creation of a separate playoff structure for non-P4 schools. As discussions evolve and new developments emerge, the future of college football playoffs remains a topic of intense speculation and debate among fans and experts.