Should Audio Recordings of Referee Conversations be Made Public in Football Matches?

Should referees’ conversations be aired publicly during football matches? Fans have varied opinions!

Nottingham Forest’s formal request to release referee audio in matches has sparked debate among fans. What do Reddit users think about this? Let’s dive in…


  • Fans believe transparency in referee decisions is vital for understanding VAR calls.
  • Some Redditors are skeptical about the effectiveness of airing referee conversations.
  • There is a call for standard practice in making referee discussions public.

Positive Views

“It should be the standard practice, the fans should know what are the referees and VAR arguments for their decision,” one user pointed out, highlighting the importance of transparency in officiating.

Negative Views

Some fans voiced skepticism, with one user stating, “Not sure what they’re expecting to hear? ‘Looks a penalty but I love Luton so nah not happening’.” This highlights concerns about the true impact of releasing referee audio.

Divided Opinions

“All conversations should be broadcast live during VAR decisions, but the PGMOL is fundamentally opposed to transparency,” expressed a Reddit user, showcasing differing perspectives on the issue.