Should a 32 Handicap Golfer Regret Buying the TSI3 Driver?

A golfer with a 32 handicap questions a purchasing decision, sparking a debate on the right club choice.

A golfer with a 32 handicap seeks advice after buying a TSI3 driver. The community weighs in on the controversial decision.


  • The choice of the TSI3 driver sparks differing opinions among Reddit golfers.
  • Some feel the golfer should have stuck with a more forgiving driver like the Ping G425 SFT.
  • Others believe that with practice and improvement, the TSI3 can be a rewarding club for the player.

Different Perspectives on the TSI3

Golfers debate the decision, with some citing the TSI2 as a more suitable choice for a high handicap player. They emphasize forgiveness and ease of use over the TSI3’s potential difficulty.

Consideration for Skill Improvement

Some Redditors encourage the golfer to stick with the TSI3, viewing it as an opportunity for growth. With dedication and training, the driver can become a valuable asset as skills improve over time.

Personal Preferences and Brand Loyalty

Opinions vary based on personal experiences, with some praising Titleist products regardless of handicap. Brand loyalty and individual player performance play a significant role in club satisfaction.

The diverse feedback highlights the subjective nature of club selection in golf, showing that player comfort and confidence are key factors in determining the right equipment choices.