Shot Scope VS Arccos – Which Golf Tracking System Wins the Game?

Discover why golfers are divided over Shot Scope and Arccos, from usability to subscription models.

Many golfers debate between Shot Scope and Arccos. The post on Reddit sparked a lively discussion on both sides.


  • Shot Scope: Users praise its ease of use and lack of subscriptions.
  • Arccos: Known for detailed stats, integration with devices, and subscription-based model.
  • Usability Comparison: Mixed experiences with both systems.
  • Personal Preferences: Factors like phone presence, data accuracy, and routine influence choices.

Shot Scope – Ease of Use

Many users find Shot Scope user-friendly with no major issues in tracking and connecting. The lack of a subscription draws in golfers looking for an easy-to-use system, like one Redditor who highlights its passive RFID technology and smaller sensor size as advantages. The convenience of not needing a phone or watch during play also adds to its appeal.

Arccos – Data Accuracy and Integration

In contrast, Arccos users appreciate the system’s detailed statistics and seamless blend with devices like Apple Watch. The recurring theme of data accuracy and comprehensive insights, along with features like virtual caddying, attract those focused on improving their game. While some mention battery drainage concerns, the functionality and usability with smartwatches elevate the experience for many.

Personal Experiences Shape Choices

Golfer preferences vary based on factors such as device integration, subscription models, and usability emphasis. While some feel restricted by subscription plans, others value the in-depth data offered by these services. The discussion highlights the importance of personal routines, tech compatibility, and preferred playing styles in choosing the ideal tracking system.

Whether you lean towards Shot Scope’s simplicity or Arccos’s advanced features, the decision ultimately rests on what suits your golfing needs and play style best. Both systems have their loyal fans and varied user experiences, reflecting the diverse landscape of golf tracking technology in today’s game.