Shock and Sadness as D3 School Wells College Announces Closure

Wells College’s closure stirs mixed emotions among students and alumni. Find out why!

Wells College students and alumni express shock and sadness as the D3 school announces its closure. The college, with a unique NCAA nickname, the Express, is located in Cayuga County, New York.


  • Shrinking enrollment and financial challenges lead to the closure of Wells College after 156 years.
  • Concerns arise about the fate of the college campus post-closure.
  • Speculation on the potential closure of D1 programs like Chicago State.
  • Some express surprise at Wells College lasting as long as it did.

Expressing Shock

Many in the Reddit community were taken aback by the news of Wells College’s closure. One user noted, ‘Wells have had a shrinking enrollment even before the beginning of COVID, so this isn’t really a surprise to see them closing after 156 years.’ The longevity of the college seemed to have shielded it from immediate closure despite its challenges.

Thinking Ahead

Among the discussions, a Reddit user shared that their school was set to vote on potentially joining Wells College in the wake of its closure. This decision reflects the interconnectedness of educational institutions and the ripple effects of closures in the academic world.

Speculating about D1 Programs

Speculation surfaced about the fate of D1 programs in light of Wells College’s closure. A comment highlighted Chicago State as a potential candidate for closure, drawing attention to financial strains in higher education that may affect institutions of all sizes.

Post-Closure Concerns

As questions loom over the future of Wells College’s campus, concerns arise about the utilization of these spaces post-closure. User PinaColada_Fanta brought up this point, raising important questions about the repurposing of educational infrastructure.

The sentiments expressed on Reddit regarding Wells College’s closure capture a mix of surprise, concern, and speculation about the broader landscape of collegiate institutions. As the collegiate sports community reflects on this news, it serves as a reminder of the complex challenges facing higher education institutions today.