Shanks Picks – The 2021 Masters

I sense an impending Euro invasion…

The Masters is always an exciting time of year for golfers. For those of us that live in cold weather climates, it is the unofficial start of the golf season. The 2021 edition will be a bit different, but at this point, we’re sort of getting used to things being different.

Let’s get to my picks! I can’t say that I’ve ever won a golf pool but I am a 3-time NFL pick’em champion and I’m currently 10th in a NHL pool… so there’s that.

I’m using Yahoo! Fantasy Golf this week. Like a lot of similar platforms, it assigns dollar figures to each player based on their play and you have to select a team using a limited amount of money.

I went a bit front-heavy on my team with Thomas and Rahm. That left me with a limited amount to fill out my roster. Even with his win on the weekend, Spieth was a good value so that’s an easy one. Woodland is a bit of a flier but his name often appears on the leaderboard of Majors (at some point). I took Rose as my “been there, done that” guy in case the conditions get weird or the field is faced with some adversity. Lee Westwood is the sentimental pick because that would just be cool.

Who you got? Leave a comment below. Enjoy the week!

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