Sevilla Fans React to Jesús Navas Contract Controversy

Sevilla fans express shock and disappointment over Jesús Navas’ contract situation.

Sevilla fans were left in shock and disappointment as Jesús Navas revealed the club did not contact him regarding his contract extension.


  • Navas expresses shock over lack of contact for contract extension.
  • Fans criticize Sevilla’s treatment of club legend.
  • Speculation and disappointment fill the subreddit.

Reactions to Navas’ Statement

Sevilla fans shared their outrage over the lack of communication from the club with one user calling it a “rough way to go out.” Many questioned the club’s decision-making, wondering why Navas, a long-time player, was not informed earlier.

Fans Express Frustration

Some users expressed their frustration, labeling the treatment of Navas as “horrible” and “shameless.” One user went as far as to compare the situation to a fast-food employee being blindsided by a business closure.

Discontent and Speculation

Discontent among fans was palpable, with many feeling that loyalty from both clubs and players was lacking in the situation. Speculation about Sevilla’s intentions and actions added fuel to the fire, with one user jokingly suggesting a collaboration with Juventus.

Sevilla fans were vocal in their disappointment and disapproval of the way Jesús Navas was treated by the club. The lack of communication regarding his contract extension sparked controversy and divided opinions among the subreddit users. The incident shed light on the complex relationship between players, clubs, and fan loyalty in the world of professional sports.