Setting Realistic Golf Goals: What Can You Achieve This Season?

As the golf season begins, players share their aspirations – from breaking par to improving their short game.

As the golf season kicks off and the weather warms up, golfers are setting their sights on achievable goals for the upcoming rounds. Let’s dive into some Reddit discussions to see what players are aiming for this season.


  • Golfers are targeting diverse goals from breaking par to improving consistency.
  • Many aim to enhance their short game and putt for lower scores.
  • Players seek to enjoy the game more by focusing on smart shots rather than swing mechanics.
  • Competing in local championships and reaching single-digit handicaps are popular aspirations.

Breaking Par and Lowering Handicaps

Some golfers like additionalweightdisc are focused on breaking par and scoring in the 70s. Despite overarching score aims, the emphasis is on shot-by-shot mindfulness rather than the overall round performance. For others, like Kind-Truck3753, reaching single-digit handicaps and breaking 80 multiple times are key objectives this season.

Improving Short Game

Players, including mbasi, are honing their short game with specific goals like achieving green side chip-ins. Strategizing to play more rounds per week and tracking progress are tactics employed to boost performance around the greens.

Staying Consistent

Consistency is vital for golfers like joedogs32, who are aiming to maintain a single-digit handicap index over an extended period. Through dedication and practice, these golfers are striving to enhance their game and lower their scores.