Seattle’s Love-Hate Relationship with Vermes: A Look into MLS Drama

Seattle fans show love to Peter Vermes in a unique way, stirring MLS rivalry drama.

Seattle fans have a unique way of showing their appreciation for Peter Vermes, sparking some MLS rivalry drama. The meme shared on Reddit sheds light on this interesting dynamic.


  • Seattle fans playfully tease Vermes’ job security.
  • Some fans view it as a sign of respect and support.
  • Others see it as a dig at their rival’s coach.

Mixed Sentiments

One user lamented, ‘Beat me to it 😔,’ expressing disappointment in the playful jabs at Vermes. On the other hand, another fan jokingly remarked, ‘I’d have counted that as a minor trophy if we had been the ones to end PV’s time at Sporting.’

Rivalry Banter

A fan highlighted the rivalry aspect, stating, ‘We ended Sigi for you guys and look how many trophies you’ve racked up since. Couldn’t even return the favor!’

Seattle’s unique way of supporting Vermes adds a fun twist to MLS rivalries, showcasing the passionate fan culture in the league.