Scratch Golf Shutting Down

We’re saddened to share the news that Scratch Golf, makers of some of the truly unique and amazing wedges and irons available on the market today is shutting its doors. The golf business is a tough one, especially for the little guys going head to head against the major OEM’s with their basically limitless budgets. Scratch golf had a great run, and made some truly exceptional clubs… this goes to show you how tough the business really is. Despite getting tour players playing their equipment, and a ton of buzz on the web and on courses nationwide, this doesn’t always translate to success. Really sorry to see you guys go, and hoping you’ll find a place making clubs somewhere, because you were truly brilliant at it. Here’s what Scratch Golf President Ari Techner had to say:

“We fought and tried hard for 12 years,” Techner said. “We were never very well capitalized, and the golf business is a tough business. Looking back, there are a few key mistakes I could point to. The biggest mistake was trying to expand too much, which got us away from who we were as a company … of course hindsight is 20/20.

“I think we had a very positive impact on the industry, and I’m not sure the major equipment companies would have improved their custom programs as quickly as they did if we didn’t exist. I’d like to thank all of our customers for the support through the years. It was an honor to be trusted with something as personal and important as our customers’ golf clubs. 

“We never had a big staff, but we had a lot of loyal, good people who worked for us. It was a dream come true to work with Don White, and I could talk about how incredibly talented Jeff McCoy is forever. The game of golf is lucky that he decided to make golf clubs, and I hope for golfers’ sake that he continues to do that.”

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