Scotty Cameron Phantom 5 Putter Giveaway: A Generous Gesture Sparks Diverse Reactions

Join the debate on gifting an unwanted Scotty Cameron Phantom 5 putter in this golf community.

When a golfer on Reddit decided to give away his Scotty Cameron Phantom 5 putter, little did he know the varied responses it would evoke.


  • Golfer offers Scotty Cameron putter for free, sparking mixed emotions in the community.
  • Recipients express gratitude, indifference, humor, and even skepticism towards the generous gesture.
  • Some see the putter as a prized possession, while others view it as an opportunity for resale or charitable donations.
  • The offer highlights the diverse personalities and motivations within the golfing community.

Generosity Unleashed

A Reddit user, fed up with his Scotty Cameron Phantom 5 putter, decided to give it away for free. The post, with the promise of covering shipping costs within the US, attracted a flurry of responses from fellow golf enthusiasts.

Diverse Reactions

Among the commenters, there was a spectrum of reactions. Some were genuinely moved by the gesture, like TateP07, a high schooler working hard to afford the coveted putter. He expressed how much the opportunity meant to him, showcasing a sincere appreciation for the offer.