Rutgers Football Recruiting Buzz: Is a Top 25 Class on the Horizon?

Rutgers football recruiting is buzzing with talk of a potential Top 25 class – but do they have what it takes?

Rutgers football is making waves with their recruiting efforts, aiming for a spot among the top 25 classes. With 21 commits already, the excitement is palpable.


  • Rutgers’ large number of commits early on may not necessarily guarantee a Top 25 class.
  • Comparisons with other schools like Iowa and Purdue provide valuable context regarding rankings.
  • The volatility of rankings early in the process adds uncertainty to the final standings.

Initial Excitement

Many users expressed excitement and support for Rutgers’ recruiting success, citing the positive direction of the program as a reason for optimism.

Concerns Raised

However, some users raised doubts about the potential for a Top 25 class, pointing out the challenges of maintaining rankings with a large early class.

Varied Opinions

The discussion highlighted the complexities of college football recruiting rankings and the unpredictability of final outcomes.