Russell Westbrook’s Petty Move: Liking Post of Hurley Rejecting the Lakers

Russell Westbrook’s pettiness shines as he likes a post of Hurley rejecting the Lakers. What’s the deal with Westbrook and the Lakers?

Russell Westbrook finds a way to throw shade at the Lakers with a subtle move, showcasing his ongoing animosity towards his former team.


  • Westbrook’s feud with the Lakers continues with his social media activity.
  • Fans question Westbrook’s performance with the Lakers and his alleged underwhelming playoffs showing.
  • Some believe Westbrook will shine with the Clippers, unleashing his full potential.

An Ongoing Grudge

Russell Westbrook has not been shy about expressing his disdain towards the Lakers, constantly fueling the fire with subtle jabs and actions like liking posts that mock the team.

Fans Debate Westbrook’s Performance

Opinions on Westbrook’s performance with the Lakers vary, with some fans disappointed in his playoff performance, expecting more from a player of his caliber.

Expectations for Westbrook at the Clippers

Despite the disappointments with the Lakers, some fans are hopeful and even excited about Westbrook’s potential with the Clippers, believing he will excel in a new environment.

Russell Westbrook’s actions and fan reactions continue to stir the pot of NBA drama, keeping fans entertained and eager to see how the situation unfolds.