Running Q&A: Tackling Interval Training, Marathon Prep, and Gear Recommendations

Explore interval training struggles, marathon preparation advice, and gear suggestions in this running Q&A.

With over 3,075,000 subscribers, the running subreddit hosts an official Q&A to address common questions and reduce clutter. Users seek advice on interval training, marathon prep, and gear recommendations. From pace struggles to injury concerns, the community supports each other in their running endeavors.


  • Interval training challenges spark discussion on pacing and endurance buildup.
  • Marathon training novices seek guidance on mileage increase and injury prevention.
  • Gear queries highlight the importance of comfort and functionality in running accessories.

Interval Training Dilemma

One user shares their struggles with 4x800m interval training, questioning whether to adjust their pace for better endurance.

Marathon Preparation Worries

A first-time half marathon finisher seeks advice on transitioning to a full marathon, balancing mileage increase and injury risk.

Gear Recommendations Hunt

Users discuss breathable hydration vests, running sock preferences, and synthetic materials for optimal comfort during runs.

The running community fosters a supportive environment, offering insights and suggestions to fellow enthusiasts seeking to improve their running experience.