Running Q&A – Making Strides in Mileage and Motivation

Discover how runners share their personal journeys in rebuilding mileage and motivation. Find inspiration and advice here!

Are you seeking advice on maintaining marathon readiness, increasing your running frequency, or finding routes in a new city? Let’s dive into a Reddit Q&A session dedicated to running enthusiasts!


  • Find out how a seasoned marathoner debates deferring or pushing through with limited preparation
  • Explore strategies for transitioning to daily runs amidst a busy schedule
  • Get tips on discovering running tracks in an unfamiliar location
  • Discover how new shoe choices can impact your running performance


Shea reflects on adjusting marathon training after a drop in mileage, seeking guidance on prioritizing preparation or postponing the race to optimize performance


Amareiuzin contemplates shifting to frequent runs with time-efficient morning routines, aiming to enhance circulation and gain momentum in fitness


ThiccleRick seeks local insights for running routes in Rome, Italy, planning to explore and stay active during a six-week stay


AdBeneficial6964 shares experiences with new running shoes impacting stride and energy management, requesting advice beyond consistency for long-term running progress