Run Nutrition Tuesday: Tips, Tricks, and Gels

Explore homemade gel recipes, hydration strategies, and fuel options for your long runs.

Run Nutrition Tuesday subreddit is buzzing with tips and questions about fueling for long runs. From homemade gel recipes to strategies for staying energized mid-run, the community shares their experiences and seeks advice.


  • Homemade gel recipes and experiences
  • Hydration and nutrition for long runs
  • Tips on staying energized mid-run

Questioning Homemade Gels

A user seeks advice on making homemade gels and asks about others’ experiences with them. Several comments share recipes and caution about potential downsides.

Long Run Nutrition

Concerns about fueling during long runs arise as runners hit the 1.5-hour mark. The discussion delves into when to consume gels, dealing with hot weather, and finding the right balance for energy.

Mid-Run Pick-Me-Up

Exploring alternatives for a mid-run energy boost, one user inquires about options with caffeine. The community exchanges suggestions and favorite products to stay energized on the go.

Covering the Basics

Struggling with illness during high-mileage weeks, a runner seeks resources on nutrition and training. Recommendations for educational materials and tips on balancing intense running with proper nutrition are shared.