Run Nutrition Tips for Better Performance

Discover valuable diet tips for better running performance shared by avid runners. Get insights on appetite, energy, and avoiding stress fractures.

Today we delve into the world of run nutrition through the lens of dedicated runners seeking advice on enhancing their performance. Let’s explore valuable insights and tips shared by the community.


  • Diet tips for preventing stress fractures and improving recovery.
  • Strategies to build a better appetite for weight gain.
  • Dealing with blood sugar lows during runs and seeking recommendations.

Preventing Stress Fractures

One user sought advice on diet tips for healing from or preventing stress fractures. They mentioned incorporating calcium and vitamin D supplements but wanted to know if there were specific foods to add or avoid to aid in recovery.

Building an Appetite

Another runner shared struggles with building an appetite while trying to gain weight. Juggling running and insufficient hunger for multiple meals a day, they wondered if forcing themselves to eat was the solution or if there were better strategies to boost calorie intake.

Blood Sugar Lows

A runner described experiencing blood sugar lows during runs, affecting their energy levels and focus early in their activity. Despite trying different pre-run nutrition approaches, they sought suggestions from the community to address this recurring issue.

As the running community exchanges tips and experiences on nutrition, it’s evident that each individual’s body reacts uniquely to dietary changes and fueling strategies. By sharing insights and seeking advice, runners aim to optimize their nutrition for improved performance and overall well-being.