Rudy Gobert’s Impact in the Playoffs: Offensive Savior or Defensive Liability?

Discover how Rudy Gobert’s presence on the court affects the Wolves’ performance in the playoffs.

In a heated Reddit debate, users analyze Rudy Gobert’s impact on the Wolves’ offense and defense during the playoffs. Rudy’s screens, gravity, and offensive tactics have sparked controversy among fans.


  • Rudy Gobert’s offensive prowess surpasses his defensive contributions, influencing the Wolves’ scoring dynamics.
  • Teammates like Ant and KAT see a significant offensive boost when sharing the court with Rudy.
  • Screening prowess and shooting efficiency are key elements credited to Rudy’s offensive impact.

Positive Impact Insights

Despite his awkward appearance, Rudy Gobert’s screens and vertical gravity create open shots for his team, significantly elevating the Wolves’ offensive performance. Users point out his role in initiating pivotal game-winning plays and improving three-point shooting percentages.

Debated Contributions

While some praise Rudy’s screening abilities, others argue that his offensive impact is overstated without considering the broader context of lineup combinations and opponent strengths. The debate emphasizes the nuanced nature of analyzing player contributions.

Salary Concerns and Skill Evaluation

Users express concerns over Rudy’s high salary relative to his offensive limitations, highlighting the challenges of roster management. Discussions on Rudy’s skills reveal a mixed perception, with acknowledgment of his strategic positioning but criticism of his technical abilities.