Roope Hintz – A Warrior’s Empty Net Goal

Roope Hintz’s empty net goal showcases his warrior spirit. The Reddit community reacts to his well-deserved play.

Roope Hintz’s empty net goal showcases his warrior spirit as he blocks a hard shot and scores. The Reddit community is buzzing about his performance.


  • Hintz’s determination after blocking a shot resonates with fans.
  • Impressed by Hintz’s play even from behind his own blue line.
  • Some users criticize the opponent’s fans for leaving early.

User Reactions

Roope Hintz’s show of resilience and commitment to the game has garnered admiration from fans. One user commented, “What a fucking warrior!! You could see he was in pain from the blocked shot but he stuck to the play until the end.” This sentiment is echoed by many others, applauding Hintz’s fortitude.

Fan Dissatisfaction

However, not all reactions were entirely positive. Some users expressed disappointment in the opposing team’s fans for leaving the game early, with one user stating, “The pathetic Vegas “Fans” emptying out right after this goal too.” This reaction suggests a sense of dissatisfaction towards the lack of sportsmanship displayed by the opposing team’s supporters.

Appreciation for Hintz’s Skill

Despite the mixed reactions, the majority of comments reflect a deep appreciation for Roope Hintz’s exceptional play. Users highlighted the significance of Hintz’s goal in the series and praised his overall performance, with comments like, “What a time to get his point on the series,” emphasizing the importance of Hintz’s contribution to the game.

Roope Hintz’s display of grit and skill has left a lasting impression on the Reddit community, sparking discussions and debates about sportsmanship and exceptional athletic prowess.