RFK Stadium: End of an Era or Time for Progress?

What will happen to the raccoons at RFK Stadium? Fans reflect on memories and speculate on future plans.

The iconic RFK Stadium, long abandoned, is set for demolition, prompting mixed emotions among fans.


  • Fans reminisce about past experiences at RFK Stadium.
  • Concerns arise about the fate of the wildlife inhabiting the area.
  • Speculation emerges regarding potential future developments on the site.

Memorable Moments

“Glad I got to see a game there but gracious it was thirty years past it in 2014 when I went there,” one user recalls fondly.

Raccoon Residency

With demolition imminent, fans express worry for the raccoons that have made RFK Stadium their home.

Future Vision

Some users ponder whether a new stadium, like for the Commanders, will replace the historical site.

What will happen next to this nostalgic arena?