Retro Fun: Random MLB Player Name Game

Join the fun of naming random MLB players with fellow fans!

What happens when MLB fans play a game of naming random players? Let’s find out!


  • MLB fans engage in naming obscure players for fun.
  • Players mentioned range from forgotten stars to role players.
  • The game sparks nostalgia and camaraderie among fans.
  • Unique player names bring out the humor and creativity of the community.
  • Gergastengas Chooses BJ Surhoff

    Gergastengas went with the reliable BJ Surhoff, a solid name from the past who brings back memories of the good old days on the diamond.

    BoSocks91’s Pick: Junior Spivey

    Junior Spivey might not be a household name, but to BoSocks91, he’s the embodiment of underrated talent and charm.

    Klaus_Heisler87 Selects Jedd Gyorko

    With Jedd Gyorko, Klaus_Heisler87 shows appreciation for versatile players who may not always make the headlines but play a crucial role in the game.