Remembering T.J. Simers: The Legacy of a Confrontational Columnist

Reflecting on T.J. Simers and his unique confrontational style that divided readers.

Former LA Times columnist T.J. Simers, known for a confrontational style, passes away, leaving a mixed legacy among fans in Southern California.


  • Simers’ intentional agitating and insulting style divided readers, with some finding it a reason to ditch newspapers.
  • His columns were a mix of admiration and annoyance, resonating differently with various fans.
  • While some appreciated his call-out style, others, like LA sports supporters, held negative views due to his criticisms.

Remembering a Polarizing Figure

Former LA Times columnist T.J. Simers was known for his abrasive and confrontational style, often intentionally provoking readers and subjects alike. His approach, commonly referred to as insulting, led to mixed reactions within the community.

A Legacy of Controversy and Insight

Despite his divisive nature, Simers had a dedicated readership, with some individuals acknowledging his knack for calling out questionable behaviors and practices in sports. This blend of controversy and insight shaped his legacy in the industry.

LA Sports Culture Impact

Simers’ critical views, particularly towards figures like Kobe Bryant, Tommy Lasorda, and sports teams in Los Angeles, stirred up emotions among LA sports enthusiasts. His departure from the Rocky Mountain News also raised contrasting opinions among fans.

Reflecting on T.J. Simers’ career evokes a range of sentiments, highlighting the complexity of his impact on sports journalism and reader engagement.