Remembering Darren Dutchyshen: A Tribute to a Canadian Sportscasting Legend

Hockey fans pay tribute to the beloved Darren Dutchyshen. Fond memories and heartfelt condolences flow in the community.

Hockey fans unite to share memories and pay tribute to the legendary Darren Dutchyshen who passed away at 57. Read more below to see how Dutchyshen touched the lives of many in the sports community.


  • Canadian sport media mourns the loss of Darren Dutchyshen, a beloved figure in hockey broadcasting.
  • Dutchyshen was remembered for his genuine and comforting nature, making a lasting impact on fans and colleagues alike.
  • Fans recall Dutchyshen as a staple in sports broadcasting, with memories of his career spanning generations.

Tributes Flow in

“He was a huge part of watching hockey growing up for me. May he rest in peace,” shared one fan, reflecting on Dutchyshen’s influence.

A Genuine Presence

“Did my university internship with TSN last winter, this guy was always top class. Friendly and comforting to everyone, even myself and the other interns,” expressed a former colleague.

A Legend Remembered

“oh what the f***, man. Rest in peace, Darren. I remember there was this video way back when of the guy casually benching two plates for reps. What a beast he was,” a fan reminisced about Dutchyshen’s impact.

Canadian sportscasting has lost a true icon in Darren Dutchyshen. His genuine nature and dedication to his craft endeared him to fans and colleagues alike. As tributes pour in, it’s clear that Dutchyshen’s legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of many.