Recovering Golfer Substitutes Weed Addiction with Golf: An Inspirational Journey

From weed to the green, this golfer’s journey is a testament to the power of change and passion.

A golfer shares his journey of replacing weed addiction with golf and achieving a new personal best.


  • Trading vices for hobbies leads to personal victories.
  • Sobriety enhances performance on and off the course.
  • Mentorship and support play a crucial role in overcoming addiction.

Golf Triumphs over Vice

A fellow golfer celebrates a significant improvement in his game after redirecting his energy from weed to the driving range. Despite skepticism about ball statistics, the joy of achieving a personal best drive shines through in his exhilarating description.

Embracing Sobriety

Other members chime in with their own stories of sobriety, highlighting the positive impact it has had on their golf performance. One user shares how being sober from alcohol and ganja has elevated his game, emphasizing the newfound enjoyment and skill improvement he has experienced since making the change.

Support and Progress

Community members offer words of encouragement and solidarity, affirming the journey towards sobriety and personal growth. Mentors and peers play a vital role in motivating individuals to pursue healthier habits and hobbies, leading to a fulfilling and positive transformation in their lives.