Real Madrid’s Unconventional Trophy Ceremony Decision Sparks Mixed Reactions

Real Madrid’s choice not to accept the League trophy in Granada garners diverse responses from fans.

Real Madrid’s recent decision about the trophy ceremony sparked mixed reactions among fans in the soccer subreddit. The club opted not to be awarded the League trophy in Granada due to Granada’s potential relegation.


  • Real Madrid’s refusal to accept the trophy in Granada sparked debates on respect and sportsmanship.
  • Some fans praised the club’s decision as a sign of class and solidarity.
  • Others questioned the logic behind the choice, suggesting a preference for celebrating at home.

Classy Gesture or Missed Opportunity?

Real Madrid’s gesture of declining the trophy in Granada was viewed by some fans as a classy move, reflecting respect for the host club and its fans. The decision was applauded for its sportsmanship and consideration for Granada’s situation.

Behind-the-Scenes Drama

Comments pointed out a possible underlying rivalry between the RFEF and Real Madrid, suggesting a history of conflicting decisions and tensions. The post highlighted past incidents that hinted at a strained relationship between the two entities.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

Fans expressed a range of opinions regarding the trophy ceremony, with some questioning the club’s rationale behind the decision. Speculations arose about potential alternative venues for the ceremony, generating playful suggestions and banter among supporters.

Real Madrid’s choice not to accept the trophy at Granada’s stadium led to a diverse array of reactions from fans, showcasing a mix of admiration for the club’s sportsmanship and queries about the decision-making process.