Ranking Purdue’s Logos: A Deep Dive into Boilermaker Pride

Exploring the evolution of Purdue University’s logos through the eyes of fans and alumni.

Let’s take a closer look at how Purdue University’s logos have evolved over the years and why fans have strong opinions about them. From the nostalgic favorites to the controversial designs, the Boilermakers have seen it all.


  • Why does Purdue’s 1996-2012 logo hold a special place in fans’ hearts?
  • What makes the train-themed logos stand out among the rest?
  • Is there a divide between traditional and modern logo preferences among Purdue supporters?
  • How do fans’ personal experiences influence their logo preferences?

Reactions to the Logos

Many users in the subreddit expressed their fondness for Purdue’s logos, with some drawing parallels to other iconic sports logos. The mixture of nostalgia and aesthetics seemed to play a significant role in shaping fans’ opinions.

The Train Bumper Controversy

One user pointed out that the train bumper featured in a logo was officially called a cow catcher, sparking a mini-debate on the appropriateness of such a design element. This led to a humorous discussion on the train-themed logos and their unique charm.

Nostalgia vs. Innovation

Several comments highlighted a generational gap in logo preferences, with some fans leaning towards the classic designs while others embraced the more modern iterations. This clash of traditionalism versus innovation added an interesting layer to the discussions.

The diverse range of opinions on Purdue’s logos reflects the rich history and passionate fanbase of the university. Whether it’s the beloved ’96-’12 logo or the divisive cow catcher design, each logo holds a special place in the hearts of Boilermaker supporters.