Ranking Nebraska’s Logo History: A Husker Fan’s Journey

Exploring the evolution of Nebraska’s logos through the eyes of a die-hard Husker fan.

Delve into the world of Nebraska’s past logos and discover the verdict from fellow fans on Reddit!


  • Unanimous love for the 1993-2003 logo.
  • Opinions split on the 1967-69 and 1890-1900 designs.
  • Controversy over the ‘Bugeaters’ era logo.

Nebraska’s Logo Evolution

Nebraska’s logo journey spans from clothed cob mascots to modern wordmarks like the Herbie Husker. The 1993-2003 design reigns supreme, evoking nostalgia and Husker pride.

Fan Reactions

One die-hard fan expressed shock at the unfamiliarity of the 2012-16 alternate logo, highlighting the enduring passion of lifelong supporters.

Controversy Strikes

While most logos received praise, the absence of the 2003-2006 design left some fans questioning its exclusion and sparking debates on Nebraska’s logo legacy.

The diverse opinions on Nebraska’s logos showcase the deep-rooted connections fans have with their team’s visual identity, shaping the narrative of Husker history and the evolution of collegiate sports branding.