Rahm’s Bodyguard: A Closer Look at Jon Rahm’s Security Detail at LIV Golf Hong Kong

Jon Rahm’s bodyguard at LIV Golf Hong Kong sparks discussion among golf enthusiasts.

Jon Rahm’s bodyguard at LIV Golf Hong Kong has caught the attention of many golf enthusiasts, sparking a lively discussion. The post provides a glimpse into the world of professional golf and the security measures taken by top players. Let’s dive into the details!


  • Jon Rahm’s bodyguard sparks admiration and curiosity among fans.
  • Comparisons to other golfers’ security details raise interesting points about player safety.
  • Humorous remarks add a light-hearted touch to the discussion.

Golf Enthusiasts React

Gianlowey jokes about Rahm’s bodyguard having a backpack with a backpack, highlighting the unique attention to detail in security measures.

Mattingly233 admires Rory’s bodyguard, describing him as a trained killer with a Glock, emphasizing the seriousness of player protection.

Security Measures in Professional Golf

Opobdtfs playfully refers to Jon Rahm as Ron Jahm, adding a humorous twist to the conversation around player security.

PrisonSlides raises a question about all players having bodyguards, prompting discussions on the necessity of security in high-profile golf events.

A Lighter Note

FaithlessVaper comments on the crowd, injecting humor into the discussion with a light-hearted remark.

No-Marketing658 speculates on Rahm not needing a bodyguard at a LIV event, showcasing different perspectives on player safety in various settings.

Jaywalkintotheocean humorously wonders if Rahm’s bodyguard counts in the attendance numbers, adding a fun element to the conversation.

RPDC01 draws comparisons to Alistair Overeem, connecting Rahm’s security detail to figures outside the realm of golf.