Rafael Nadal’s Golf Swing: Forehand Power on the Fairway

Discover why Rafael Nadal’s swing on the golf course has Reddit users in awe and disbelief!

Rafa Nadal’s golf swing has Reddit users buzzing about his unique style and surprising skill level.


  • Comparisons to his tennis forehand power.
  • Debate on his swing’s effectiveness.
  • Misconceptions about a scratch golfer’s swing.

Forehand Power

Rafa’s swing draws parallels to his potent forehand technique, showcasing incredible power in a short motion.

Debate on Effectiveness

Opinions differ on whether his unique swing translates well to golf, with contrasting views on its success.

Misconceptions About Scratch Golfers

Users discuss the diversity of swings among scratch golfers, debunking stereotypes of what defines a skilled player.

From forehand power to scratch golf misconceptions, Nadal’s swing sparks lively discussions on Reddit.