Quinn Hughes, Roman Josi, and Cale Makar: James Norris Memorial Trophy Finalists 2023-24

Unveiling the finalists for the prestigious James Norris Memorial Trophy – who will emerge victorious?

The NHL community is abuzz with the announcement of the finalists for the 2023-24 James Norris Memorial Trophy.


  • Fans ecstatic over Hughes as Vancouver’s first Norris Trophy finalist.
  • Expectations high for Hughes to claim victory by a wide margin.
  • Debate ensues over Makar’s performance and near-miss with Hughes in scoring.

Excitement Over Hughes

Hughes’ nomination as the first Vancouver player in 53 years sparks jubilation among fans, heralding a potential historic win for the team.

Debating Makar’s Candidacy

The discussion intensifies as fans dissect Makar’s performance against Hughes, with contrasting opinions on his Norris Trophy chances, despite significant achievements.

Josi’s Position

Support for Josi’s merits and the desire for deeper statistical analysis pit him against Makar, showcasing the complexity of assessing defensive prowess.

The Ultimate Decision

The anticipation mounts as the hockey world eagerly awaits the crowning of the James Norris Memorial Trophy winner, with Hughes, Josi, and Makar in close contention.