PWHL Minnesota Draft Night Controversy: Reflections on LGBTQ+ Community Inclusion

Discover the drama and mixed reactions at PWHL Minnesota’s draft night, sparking debates on LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports.

Exploring the controversial draft night at PWHL Minnesota, where the selection of a player led to mixed reactions and debates.


  • Amidst controversy, PWHL Minnesota faced backlash over draft selections.
  • Selection process highlighted LGBTQ+ community inclusion in sports.
  • Fans expressed divided opinions on the player’s selection and team decisions.

Positive Reactions

“It was a really cool week following the championship that we got to enjoy,” one user shared, reflecting on the championship celebrations leading up to the draft night.

“You know you’ve made it as a league when you have a controversy like this. Good job PWHL!” exclaimed a user, acknowledging the league’s growing influence.

Negative Backlash

“Drafting someone who hates gay people to a women’s pro hockey league is…. a choice,” expressed a user, highlighting concerns over the player’s stance conflicting with LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

“I have a hunch that the number of TERFS to allies in professional sports might be surprising to many,” commented a user, hinting at potential disparities in support for LGBTQ+ individuals in sports.

Fans’ Dilemma

“I’ll admit, I’m conflicted. Should that be a fireable offense?” questioned a user, reflecting on the player’s on-field abilities versus off-field opinions, sparking a debate on professionalism and personal beliefs.

“Until she steps out spewing her ugly opinions, this is just people looking for a reason to be outraged,” shared a user, acknowledging mixed sentiments on separating personal views from professional conduct.

“People are entitled to their opinion,” remarked Klee, Minnesota’s GM, amidst the controversy, acknowledging the fan reactions and diverse viewpoints surrounding the draft selections.