Proper Golf Ball Mark Repair: Tee vs. Tool Debate

Do golf superintendents prefer tees or repair tools for fixing ball marks? The debate is heated!

Golf superintendents weigh in on the debate over using tees or repair tools to fix ball marks.


  • The consensus is that using a tee for ball mark repair is just as effective as using a repair tool.
  • Properly repairing ball marks helps maintain the health and appearance of greens.
  • Some golfers argue that using a divot repair tool is more precise, while others believe using a tee is more convenient.

Positive Sentiment

Golfers appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of using a tee for ball mark repair. They emphasize the importance of taking care of the course for everyone’s benefit.

Negative Sentiment

Some golfers express concerns about the potential damage caused by improper ball mark repair. They stress the need for education on the correct techniques to preserve course conditions.

Golfers should prioritize proper ball mark repair to ensure the longevity and quality of golf courses for all players’ enjoyment.