Primetime Excitement: Army-Notre Dame Game at Yankee Stadium

The anticipation builds as Army-Notre Dame set to play at Yankee Stadium under the lights!

The upcoming Army-Notre Dame football game at Yankee Stadium has fans buzzing with excitement and skepticism. While some anticipate the primetime kickoff, others question the choice of venue. Let’s dive into the subreddit discussions and see what the community has to say about this high-profile matchup.


  • Fans have mixed opinions on the primetime kickoff for the Army-Notre Dame game.
  • Some users express preference for a different game time.
  • Concerns are raised about playing football in baseball stadiums.
  • Anticipation for night games in late November is evident.

Excitement vs. Doubt

As the announcement of the primetime kickoff for the Army-Notre Dame game at Yankee Stadium spread, the subreddit witnessed a spectrum of emotions. While some fans eagerly embraced the idea of a high-profile matchup under the lights, others expressed skepticism and raised questions about the choice of venue.

Preference for Game Time

One user voiced their opinion, suggesting that the game should have been scheduled for 3:30 PM instead. This preference highlights the diverse expectations and preferences among fans regarding kickoff times and game atmospheres.

Venue Controversy

The debate over football games being held in baseball stadiums resurfaced, with a user questioning the ongoing trend. This sentiment reflects a broader discussion within the sports community about the suitability and experience of hosting football games in venues primarily designed for baseball.

The subreddit comments also included contrasting views on the allure of playing football games at iconic locations such as Yankee Stadium. While some users expressed excitement about the prospect of a night game in late November, others found fault with the choice of venue.

Overall, the subreddit discussions captured the diverse perspectives and debates surrounding the upcoming Army-Notre Dame game at Yankee Stadium. From excitement over primetime kickoffs to concerns about venue choices, fans showcased their passion and opinions in anticipation of this highly anticipated matchup.