Pressure Cooker: NFL QBs’ Performance Under Pressure in 2023 Season

Discover which NFL quarterbacks thrive under pressure and who crumbles in the heat of the moment during the 2023 season.

Guest_From_Europe shared a breakdown of NFL quarterbacks’ performance under pressure in the 2023 season.


  • Will Levis and Jake Browning show drastic differences under pressure.
  • Consensus good QBs like Jared Goff and Justin Herbert struggle under pressure.
  • Kirk Cousins and Dak Prescott excel regardless of pressure.
  • Bailey Zappe is the only QB with a negative DVOA when not pressured.

Jekyll & Hyde Performances

Users highlighted the contrast in quarterback performances under pressure, citing examples like Jake Browning’s inconsistency and Bailey Zappe’s negative DVOA without pressure.

Goff’s Downfall

Discussions centered around Jared Goff’s significant drop in DVOA when pressured, sparking debates among fans about his performance under pressure compared to in a clean pocket.

Purdy’s Praise

Users praised Brock Purdy for his exceptional ability to read defensive coverages effectively, attributing his success to his quick decision-making and efficiency in possession.