Preparing for Your First Pickleball Tournament: Tips from the Pros

Seeking advice from pickleball veterans for a newbie’s debut tournament. Discover essential tips and strategies!

Playing in his first Pickleball tournament, FreddieManchego seeks guidance from fellow players on strategies and tips for success.


  • Embrace your natural abilities and leverage your strengths in driving shots
  • Focus on the strategy of setting up easier drops on following shots
  • Explore aggressive dinking techniques instead of just hitting short
  • Practice serves diligently to gain an edge

Driving on 3rd Shot

While some advise against driving on the 3rd shot, others suggest playing to your strengths and using driving shots to set up easier subsequent plays. Your goal should be to strategically position yourself for more favorable shots.

Key Strategies

Ensure you play close to the net, work on your third-shot drives followed by drops, and consider using a semiwestern grip for certain shots to enhance your performance. Construct points strategically rather than aiming for immediate wins to outplay your opponents.

Preparation and Mindset

Prepare for faster net play and be ready to accelerate when opportunities arise. Additionally, engage in drills that simulate match conditions to improve your response time and decision-making on the court.

For your debut tournament, focus on honing your skills and analyzing your gameplay afterward for areas of improvement. Remember to enjoy the experience and learn from each match to elevate your pickleball prowess.

Closing Thoughts

As FreddieManchego gears up for his first pickleball tournament, the advice and insights shared by the community provide valuable guidance for his competitive debut. By incorporating these tips into his gameplay and maintaining a positive mindset, he is poised to make a memorable entrance into the world of competitive pickleball.