Premier League 23/24 Season Final Matchday Predictions and Discussion

Join the discussion on the final gameweek of the Premier League 23/24 season – Gameweek 38, with intriguing predictions and analysis.

This is a thread to discuss/predict/goof around/hypothesize about the last gameweek of the 23/24 season – **Gameweek 38.** All of the games are kicking off at the same time (3PM GMT) so join along in the discussion below as it all unfolds and concludes this season.


  • ChiefLeef22 sets the stage for the final Gameweek 38 of the Premier League 23/24 season.
  • PoliticsNerd76 predicts a Moyes Masterclass and Arteta demolition of Everton for the final day.
  • Alone_Consideration6 anticipates a major VAR controversy in a title contender match.
  • Dennis3282 foresees City’s victory but hopes for a day full of twists and turns.

ChiefLeef22’s Gameweek 38 Directive

This post by ChiefLeef22 is the perfect blend of excitement and anticipation. Setting the tone for the final gameweek, it stirs discussion and predictions among the Premier League fans.

PoliticsNerd76’s Bold Prediction

PoliticsNerd76 believes in a spectacular performance by Moyes and Arteta, showcasing optimism for a thrilling final day in the season.

Alone_Consideration6’s VAR Anticipation

Alone_Consideration6’s prediction of a major VAR controversy adds an element of uncertainty, hinting at the potential drama unfolding on the field.

Dennis3282’s City Victory Forecast

Dennis3282 predicts City’s triumph but expresses a desire for an eventful matchday, emphasizing the love for drama in football.