PPA TX Open Women’s Singles Finals: 9 Refs and the Drama Unveiled

What’s with 9 refs at the PPA TX Open women’s singles finals? Find out the juicy drama!

At the PPA TX Open women’s singles finals, 9 refs were spotted on the court. The community shares their thoughts and speculations.


  • The addition of 9 refs at the match raised eyebrows, hinting at potential controversies.
  • Players calling their own lines were deemed questionable by the community.
  • Solome’s reputation for making controversial calls added an extra layer of intrigue to the match.

Inside Scoop

The PPA likely aimed to enhance credibility by eliminating player-led line calls, promoting fair play.

Referee Placement

A vivid image was shared showing the strategic placement of referees with yellow marks to ensure fair judgment.

Technical Upgrades

Community members pointed out the need for better camera technology to capture gameplay intricacies more effectively.

The community seeks refinement in noise control during hits for a more focused viewing experience.

YouTube availability was questioned, reflecting a desire for enhanced streaming options.

The diverse responses ranged from insightful observations to simple appreciations, reflecting varied perspectives on the event.