Postecoglou on VAR: A Coach’s Perspective

Coach Postecoglou shares frustration with VAR’s impact on the game, affecting goal celebrations.

Coach Postecoglou expressed disappointment with VAR’s influence on the game and how it has affected goal celebrations in stadiums.


  • Postecoglou voices concerns over VAR’s impact on the game’s authenticity
  • Fans share mixed reactions to Postecoglou’s perspective
  • Criticism of VAR emerges on player behavior and game flow

Postecoglou’s Frustration

Postecoglou laments the shift in dynamics caused by VAR, leading him to refrain from goal celebrations.

Fan Reactions

Fans express varied sentiments on Postecoglou’s stance, some agreeing with the need to adapt while others criticize the technology’s influence.

VAR Controversies

Comments highlight specific incidents like penalties and dives, reflecting the ongoing debates surrounding VAR’s implementation.