Playing Whistling Straits: A 20 Handicap Dilemma

Is a 20 handicap playing Whistling Straits a bold move or a foolish adventure? Reddit users weigh in on the experience and advice.

Planning to play Whistling Straits as a 20 handicap golfer raises questions about readiness and enjoyment. Users on Reddit share their insights on this intriguing dilemma. From tips on tees to caddie support, find out what makes this golf course a unique experience.


  • Choosing the right tees ensures a more enjoyable experience.
  • Playing Whistling Straits offers a memorable and scenic round.
  • Caddies can provide valuable guidance and enhance the overall experience.

Insightful Tips on Playing Whistling Straits

Whistling Straits is known for its challenging layout, but golfers suggest that playing from the appropriate tees can make a significant difference in the experience. One user shared that despite being a 24 handicap, they shot 104 and had a fantastic time, emphasizing that enjoyment transcends score.

Unique Experiences and Memories

Several users highlighted the beauty and unique atmosphere of Whistling Straits, emphasizing that the course offers more than just a round of golf. From stunning views to unforgettable moments, playing at Whistling Straits seems to leave a lasting impression on golfers of all skill levels.

Caddie Support and Course Knowledge

Many users emphasized the value of having a caddie while playing at Whistling Straits. Caddies not only offer course management tips but also enhance the overall experience through their insights and assistance. Golfers appreciated the guidance and support provided by caddies during their rounds.

Playing Whistling Straits as a 20 handicap may pose challenges, but the overall sentiment from Reddit users suggests that the experience is worth pursuing. With the right approach, mindset, and support, golfers of varying skill levels can enjoy the unique charm and challenges of this renowned course.