Ping Tour S Wedge Review

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’re sharing an independent review of the Ping Tour S wedge, which has been around for quite some time now.  If you’re in the market, it’s still a a very solid wedge, and now you can grab it for half the cost or less.  Enjoy the review below.


The Ping Tour S wedge could be considered a continuation of the Ping s56 blade irons.  They feature a classic appearance and minimal offset with a satin chrome finish or a non-glare rustic finish.  The rustic wedge is designed with an 8620 stainless steel that is known as a softer metal.  In addition, the Tour S produces the rusty finish that helps deliver additional spin.  The satin chrome finish is made from 1704 stainless steel which is similar to other ping wedges.  Similar to the s56 irons, the Tour S wedges feature a thin top line and slender sole.   The polymer insert helps dampen vibrations at impact.  The insert also allows Ping to alter swing weight.


Ping Tour S Wedge ReviewI tested the Ping Tour S56 degree wedge with a s300 Dynamic Gold shaft and satin chrome finish.  The Ping Tour S wedge provides control and solid feel from any shot including a full swing, punch shot, lob, bunker and even from the rough.  Pitch and chip shots are easy to control and produce spin to check or release depending on the shot.  Full shots stop quickly and consistently on the green.  Solid contact is rewarded while off-center hits will feel awkward and not perform up to expectations.  The Tour S is designed for a player who wants to control the ball on every shot.  The 12 degrees of bounce still allows for easy escapes from the bunker while still performing well from a relatively tight lie from the fairway.  Buried lies in the rough are generally easy to escape as well.  Overall, the Tour S is one of the most versatile and solid wedges.


The heavier D4 swing weight feels great and helps deliver the confidence I needed to hit any shot with this wedge.  Better ball strikers will likely prefer the Ping Tour S or Anser wedge, while higher handicap players will probably prefer the Ping G20, K15 or Eye2 XG.


 A wedge needs to look and feel comfortable and the Ping Tour S delivers.  It produces a solid performance and is priced according to the competition.  Standard retail price for the Ping Tour S is $119.99.  Higher handicap players may prefer a club with a little more forgiveness.  However, players who really want to control the ball will enjoy the Ping Tour S.  This is one of the best wedges available this year.

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