Ping S56 Iron Review

Hi there- thanks for stopping by! Today we are reviewing the Ping S56 iron. An iron geared towards lower handicap players that offers great ball control.


Ping s56 Iron

 The Ping s56 irons are one of Ping’s best looking irons.  They feature a narrow sole and the thinnest top line of any Ping iron.  There is very little difference in appearance in the s56 from the previous model, the Ping s57.  The tuning bar behind the club face is designed to dampen vibrations.  The s56 features an attractive satin finish with a ferrule between the hosel and shaft.  While Ping ventured into the market of forged clubs with the Anser iron, the s56 remains a cast design.  Overall, the look is fantastic and ranks 9 out of 10.


While a mid handicap player might play the s56, the s56 irons are certainly geared toward a lower handicap player.  In my opinion, the s56 irons are Ping’s most versatile iron.  My typical ball flight is straight or slight fade.  The s56’s give me the ability to control the ball with every shot.  There are more forgiving irons available, however, I prefer the ability to control distance, direction and trajectory on every shot.  The s56 irons are slightly shorter than many irons since they offer weaker lofts than other Ping models and competitors.  The Ping s56 irons produce a mid to high ball flight and perform from any lie and condition.  Overall, they are one of the best irons available for a lower handicap player and rate 10 out of 10.


The Ping s56 irons offer exceptional feedback on every shot from a chip to full swing.  Other models are designed to hit the ball high and straight.  The s56 irons allow you to hit any shot necessary to get the job done.  Compared to other models such as the K-15, i20 or G20, the s56 irons are not as forgiving and you can really feel an off-center hit.  Shots in the sweet spot feel great.  Not many irons will give you a better feel than the s56, giving it a 9 out of 10.


The s56 irons are my personal iron of choice.  They are an extremely solid iron and perform well in any condition.  Ping also provides excellent club fitting which is something  worth considering when thinking about your next set of irons.  The fitting process alone can turn fade into a slight draw.  The Ping s56 irons are priced in line with other player irons at $900 for a set of eight irons.  The Ping s56 are a great set of irons and rate 10 out of 10.

Photo credit: Ping

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