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Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today. We’re gearing up for the golf season here in Alberta, and I’ve already hit the course a few times and the range even moreso. I’m quite looking forward to some demo days to try out the new gear this season. To that point, I cannot wait to try these new irons from Ping – the Ping i irons.  These things are stunning.

Ping is using 431 stainless steel for the first time with these irons, famed for their high strength to weight ratio. This weight savings and the deeper CTP position allow for an expanded perimeter weighting in the head for more control on off centre hits and higher trajectory on impact. This trend is carried through the line, where the long irons have a heavier sole to help get the ball airborne and on its way.  Each and every iron loft and length is optimized to increase distance with proper gapping between clubs.

They also designed a custom sole and bounce, said to help the club glide through grass and bounce off turf for solid results from any lie.  These irons have 4 shaft options, a variety of grip options and come in RH/LH for 3-UW. These beauties will run you about $999 for steel and around $1,099 for graphite, depending on your shaft choice.


Complete specs below:

Club Loft Length Offset Lie Bounce Width Swing Weight Dexterity
3-Iron 20.00° 39.00″ 0.21″ 59.63° 0.54″ D1 RH/LH
4-Iron 23.00° 38.50″ 0.19″ 60.38° 0.57″ D1 RH/LH
5-Iron 26.00° 38.00″ 0.17″ 61.13° 0.61″ D1 RH/LH
6-Iron 29.00° 37.50″ 0.14″ 61.88° 0.64″ D1 RH/LH
7-Iron 32.00° 37.00″ 0.09″ 62.63° 0.66″ D1 RH/LH
8-Iron 36.00° 36.50″ 0.07″ 63.38° 0.66″ D1 RH/LH
9-Iron 41.00° 36.00″ 0.05″ 64.13° 0.66″ D1 RH/LH
PW 45.00° 35.50″ 0.03″ 64.75° 0.63″ D2 RH/LH
UW 50.00° 35.50″ 0.03″ 64.75° 0.67″ D2 RH/LH



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  1. whilst these are nice, I am really excited to try the new iblades which seem to be appearing in a few bags on tour (notably Bubba’s.)-They look absolutely fantastic.

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