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Ping G25 Hybrid Review

ping-g25-hybrid-reviewHey everyone, thanks for stopping by, we’ve got another review to share with your from our friends at Ping. Today we are reviewing their G25 hybrid – and incredibly solid hybrid, that our reviewer really liked.  Keep your eyes on Ping in the new year as we expect to see a G30/G35 models on their way soon.  Enjoy the review below!


The new Ping G25 hybrid resembles the shape and color of the i20 more than the previous G20 hybrid.  In fact, the change in design offers a desirable upgrade in aesthetics.  The simple design with flat black color scheme and white grooves looks great.  The G25 hybrid is modeled with a more traditional shape and made from 17-4 stainless steel.  An external weight is visible on the sole positioning the CG low and back on the club head.  The updated appearance inspires more confidence in comparison to the off-set and deep face of the G20 hybrid.  The previous G20 hybrid had a the look of a hook written all over it – the G25 is much better.


I tested the Ping G25 hybrid in a 20 degree loft with the stock TFC 189H in stiff flex.  The TFC 189H weighs 71 grams with 3.1 degrees of torque.  The stock shaft is available in soft regular through tour x-stiff.  The more flexible shafts are designed to produce a higher ball flight while the stiffer flex shafts offer lower ball flights.

The best feature of the Ping G20 hybrid was a solid and dependable performance.  While the performance in the G20 was solid, the G25’s updated appearance combined with the same great results is a home run for Ping.  Ball flight was generally a mid to high trajectory.  With the updated club head design, the G25 hybrid is still just as forgiving and easy to hit as any hybrid available on the market today.  Distance was above average and would make a great addition in any bag.  The Ping G25 line up is fantastic, the driver is amazing while the G25 hybrid is not far behind.


The Ping G25 hybrid weighs in with a D1 swing weight.  The club head and shaft combine for a solid feel throughout the swing.  While the G25 driver makes your ears ring at impact, the hybrid produces the similar dull ping sound as the G20, however, with better feedback and softer feel.  Off center hits also have an enhanced sensation and softer feel than the firm feel of the G20.


Last season’s G20 suffered in the sales department because of its awkward appearance.  Ping updated the G25 hybrid with outstanding looks to accompany outstanding results, making the G25 one of the hottest hybrids available today.  The Ping G25 hybrid retails with an average price point with a $199 price tag.  The G25 does not offer adjustments and still outperforms many of the more expensive competitors.  Overall value is up there with the best hybrids of 2013.

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